Facilities Monitoring


Monitor temperature-critical systems such as refrigeration and data rooms. Receive fast notifications by SMS, email and automated phone calls in the event of a problem - so you can resolve it before it's critical.
Temperature Monitoring

Our probes are ideal for monitoring commercial refrigeration such as walk in freezers, fridges and cool rooms as well as freestanding drawer and chest units.


Using break beam or other sensors our modules can count the number of times a specific action has occurred over time.

Whether you wish to monitor production or people through a door, the system provides accurate graphing and download data points for any period.

Leak Detection

Where acting fast can avoid a major problem, our leak detection sensors will raise the alarm as soon as they detect a water leak.

Configure automated alerts to on-call staff or your facilities manager to ensure prompt action.


Using motion sensors you can keep track of presence at a particular location, see how busy areas are at what times or whether staff are at their stations.

Review presence over time with powerful graphing and reports.


Monitor external system's fault status and get alerts straight away - rather than a fault lamp no one will see.

With a simple connection, the right people can be notified of plant faults quickly.

Other Sensors

Numerous other sensors can be connected to our hubs - any logic or switched signal, variable voltage, serial data and more.

Regardless of the sensor, keep track of the state of your systems and get notifications if there's ever a problem.



There's no need for a network or WiFi connection - our hubs connect via their own built-in cellular (mobile) connection so they can be located almost anywhere.


Our hubs and sensors are very cost effective and, with inclusive, unlimited data points and storage, it's easy to simultaneously monitor several important conditions.


Our team will come to your location and carefully fit the sensors in the optimal locations for the conditions you wish to monitor.


from £15+VAT
per month
Subscriptions based on 36 months with 3 month initial setup fee