Connectivity & Data


Fast, reliable connectivity is key for modern business. We provide high speed fibre, point to point wireless and on-premesis cabling.

We provide high speed leased line fibre connections for clients who either require ultra high speed connectivity or cannot obtain suitably fast broadband in their area.

Our certified wireless experts can design and install reliable Point to Point long range secure wireless connections to link buildings and share connections, or install VPN links between offices using existing internet connections.

Our cabling team neatly installs Cat5/6 cabling to provide robust data connections for devices around your premises.

Automatic Failover

In the event of a failure of one internet connection our managed routers will automatically 'fail over' to the secondary connection (broadband or 4G), keeping you online.

When connections are working normally, traffic can be split over the connections keeping things fast and making the best use of your capacity.

Using our 4G solution gives peace of mind, should your physical lines be damaged and broadband taken offline, a 4G connection can keep your staff connected without business interuption.

Offsite Backup

Keeping critical data safe is vital, we provide managed file servers with automatic off-site backup ensuring your data is always protected.

No tapes to remove and take home, your scheduled backups are automatically transfered to a secure UK data centre with industry leading security & fire protection.

For peace of mind, our servers also provide read-only access to snapshots of your data spanning 7 days, plus the one for each previous week, month and quarter. Should your network be at the receiving end of an encryption attack, you can be confident your backups will be stored securely allowing a quick rollback.



Our team take care of the setup, security and maintenance of your solution so you can be confident it'll be performing when you need it.


With our buying power we're able secure preferential connectivity deals through major providers so we can pass on the savings to you.


We tailour solutions to meet your needs, as things grow and your needs change, we can extend the solution to grow with you.


from £59+VAT
per month
Subscription based on 36 months and 3 month initial setup fee