High Definition · Easy Retreval

Outstanding video quality combined with advanced, high-capacity server based RAID storage increases security and peace of mind
High-Def Cameras

We design and install high quality CCTV systems featuring full HD networked cameras, providing a fully digital video stream to a high capacity network storage server.

Full HD cameras are capable of capturing far more detail such as faces and vehicle number plates, helping to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your footage in the aftermath of an incident.


Modern, fully digital network cameras produce huge amounts of data to store which presents numerous technical challenges to overcome.

We provide managed network file servers designed specifically for the storage of HD video, protected with RAID for peace of mind to mitigate the impact of drive failure.

Our servers are typically in the range of 10-50TB (that's 10,000GB - 50,000GB). This provides sufficiant storage for 30+ days of recording.


When you need footage of an incident it's critical that your team can quickly and easily access, review and download video files in a widely compatible format.

Our systems make it easy to do this, getting you to the right clips in seconds and providing quick download of the video files.


Login and monitor cameras from anywhere using a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Keep an eye on staff, customers and stock as needed.


High Definition

Capture more detail and better images with full HD cameras for greater peace of mind.


One simple monthly cost covers instalation, hardware, updates and maintenance. Service guaranteed by our SLA for complete peace of mind.


Expand your system with additional cameras and extend storage when needed.


from £49+VAT
per month
Subscriptions based on 36 months with 3 month initial setup fee.