Business Phone Systems


Enhanced call quality, powerful call handling features and multi-location systems to help your business stay connected.
Cloud Based Systems

ISDN is being phased out in favour of modern Voice over IP solutions, with signficiantly lower costs and better features it's easy to see why.

When your telephone system is running from the cloud it means you don't need to run and maintain your own physical PBX to handle calls, your phones connect straight to our network through the internet.

Reliablity is improved too, no longer are calls routed through one cable but can be easily re-routed through a backup internet connection or to another location.

Complete Control

Our system includes an easy to use 'Drag and Drop' system designer giving you complete control and visibility over your call routing. Easily create ring groups, queues, prompts and menus to build the ideal system.

Being so flexible, your telephone system is dynamic and can be quickly changed to suit changing business needs - whether it's adding a new member of staff or changing the call handling while somoene is on holiday, it's quick and easy.


We think phones should reflect your business, so they all carry your company logo and the shortcut buttons are fully customisable to suit the way you work.


Low Call Costs

With UK Landline calls just 1p per minute and UK Mobiles just 2p per minute, outbound calls are very affordable. Normal inbound and internal calls are free.


Add extra phones and numbers any time, linked to your system regardless of where they're based - ideal for multiple offices, home workers and mobile users.


Make changes yourself or our team can update your system for you. We also pre-configure all new devices ready for you and can come to install too.

"InteliNetworks has been an excellent choice for our business. I always wanted a VoIP telephone system but was totally confused by the huge amount available. As usual the support team at InteliNetworks installed the system with minimum fuss and provided amazing support along with a portal which gives numerous reports on all our activity." Tim Mann, Mann's Music


from £35+VAT
per month
Subscription based on 36 months with 3 months setup fee,
3 colour screen phones and 1 number.